Finding Purpose and Passion in Life (Discovering IKIGAI)

Discover the transformative power of IKIGAI, the Japanese concept of finding purpose and passion in life. Unveil the harmonious intersection of your passions, skills, values, and the needs of the world around you.

6/27/20235 min read

Have you ever felt like you are on a hamster wheel, endlessly running but not really getting anywhere? If so, welcome to the club!

There I was, a few years ago, living a comfortable life, yet feeling strangely adrift. I had the education, the well-paying job, the cozy life that I thought spelled success.

But something wasn't quite right. I was missing a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I was searching for something elusive, something more.

The Early Days (Struggling and Searching)

Like many, I initially thought that the secret to a happy and fulfilling life was straightforward: find a skill you're good at, identify people who need that skill, and get paid for it.

However, as it turns out, the journey to personal fulfillment and satisfaction is not quite so linear. Feeling like a traveler navigating uncharted territory, I fumbled along, gathering nuggets of wisdom along the way.

From self help books to meditation, and yoga, I tried it all. It felt like I was on an endless quest, like a parched wanderer searching for an oasis.

The Revelation (Discovering Ikigai)

In the midst of my exploration, I chanced upon an intriguing concept from Japanese culture Ikigai.

Translated roughly, it means "a reason for being". Suddenly, it felt like a beacon of light had been switched on in the dark.

I came to understand that life was not just about a job that paid well or finding something I was good at.

I needed to find something that resonated with my core, something that brought joy and a sense of meaningfulness to my life.

Curious and excited, I delved deeper into this concept. What I discovered was enlightening.

Ikigai wasn't just about finding a passion or a job. It was about finding that sweet spot where my passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersected.

It was about identifying that place where what I love, what the world needs, what I'm good at, and what I can be paid for, all converge.

The Journey Towards My Ikigai

Now, this journey to discovering my Ikigai wasn't a smooth ride. It was a path laden with moments of self-doubt, anxiety, and downright frustration.

However, as I persisted, things began to crystallize. I realized my passion for writing could serve others, and that made it my mission.

If I honed my skills and sought out the right opportunities, I could make it my profession and my vocation.

This journey brought me to the realization that my Ikigai was unique to me, just as yours will be to you. Each of us has a unique purpose that gives meaning to our existence.

It's not about finding the most profitable or popular path. It's about embracing your individuality and utilizing it to make a difference.

Embracing Your Unique Place in Life's Puzzle

In the grand, complex puzzle of life, each of us holds a unique piece.

It's not just about filling a gap, it's about making your piece fit perfectly, finding your unique place in the grand scheme of things. In the infinite cosmos of life, you are your own Ikigai, your own unique reason for being.

Finding your Ikigai is a journey, not a destination. It's a continuous process of discovery, refinement, and alignment.

It's about being true to yourself, embracing change, and striving to create a positive impact on the world around you.

Common Questions About Ikigai

Let's explore some commonly asked questions about Ikigai to delve deeper into the concept.

How do I find my Ikigai?

Finding your Ikigai involves deep introspection. It's about understanding what you love, what you're good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. It may not happen overnight, but with patience and perseverance, you will find your Ikigai.

What if I don't know what my passion is?

It's perfectly okay if you don't know what your passion is yet. It's a process of self-discovery that may involve trying new things, exploring different avenues, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Does my Ikigai have to be my job?

Not necessarily. Your Ikigai is something that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. For some, this might align with their professional career, but for others, it might be something entirely different. The key is to find something that brings you joy and a sense of satisfaction.

Can my Ikigai change over time?

Yes, absolutely! As you evolve and grow, your passions, skills, and goals might change, and so might your Ikigai. It's all about staying in tune with yourself and aligning your life with what brings you fulfillment.

Applying Ikigai in Everyday Life

Understanding Ikigai is one thing, but implementing it in your daily life is another challenge altogether.

To integrate Ikigai into your life, you need to start with self-awareness. Pay attention to the activities that make you lose track of time, that make you feel vibrant and alive, those that you would do even if you weren't being paid. These could be your passions.

Next, think about what you're good at. This could be related to your professional skills, or it could be something entirely different. What are the things that people often ask for your help with? These could indicate your natural talents.

Now, think about what the world needs and how your skills and passions could address those needs. This could range from societal issues to the needs of your local community or even the needs within your circle of friends.

Final step, consider what you could be paid for. This includes your professional skills and could also encompass your natural talents and passions. It may take some creativity and entrepreneurship, but it is often possible to find or create opportunities to be paid for doing what you love.

Overcoming Challenges in Finding Your Ikigai

The journey to finding your Ikigai is rarely a smooth one. It's common to face challenges along the way, such as self-doubt, societal pressure, and fear of change. It's essential to understand that these challenges are a normal part of the process.

Facing self-doubt is a common struggle. When embarking on this journey, it's natural to question your abilities and worth. However, it's important to remember that everyone has unique skills and contributions to offer.

Societal pressure can also be a significant challenge. We live in a society that often values conventional measures of success like money, status, and stability. Straying from these accepted norms to pursue your Ikigai can feel daunting and may attract criticism or lack of understanding from others. But remember, this is your journey and your life. You have every right to pursue what gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Fear of change is another common obstacle. Embracing your Ikigai may require significant changes in your life, which can be scary. But growth often requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember, change is a part of life, and embracing it is a step towards living a life aligned with your Ikigai.

Finding your Ikigai is about living a life that is truly your own, brimming with purpose and passion.

It might not be the easiest path, but the reward to personal fulfillment and satisfaction is well worth the journey.

As you venture on this path, remember to honor your unique journey, for it is an expression of the one of a kind, irreplaceable you.

After all, that's what Ikigai, and life, is all about.

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